how can you grow your human capital and financial capital , both at the same time ….

crop anonymous financier planning budget writing numbers in notebook

human capital is the potential for career improvement – where you can ask your boss about the career roadmap , where you career is headed – what the company is looking for in your role

financial capital is how you build your net worth – income , salary hikes , bonuses

to increase the salary , you can ask your boss how you can increase your contribution , take on more responsibilities

when you are meeting or exceeding expectations , don’t wait for the boss to notice first ,,,bring it to their notice

invest in the company’s retirement plan – this could be different from country to country and company to company – this is where your contribution grows tax free and it is basically free money from your employer – growing tax free for the working years

keep improving yourself by taking courses to learn new skills like communication , leadership , management to move up the value chain

don’t be afraid to switch employers or change responsibilities

enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy.. you will be doing it for a long time

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