how can meeting supply and demand reduce world hunger …

currently there is a lot of uncertainty regarding world hunger .. a lot of people say that we do not have enough food being produced…

but the actual issue is something else .. it is the issue of people not getting access to the food in time .. as a result of which the food perishes …

if there is an application or web app where the farmer / producer can enter the anticipated crop amount and the date and the large buyers like hotels / restaurants / large group of people can put in their buy orders — a sort of agricultural futures ..

this way , the farmer will be happy that the produce has a set of buyers and the people buying will be assured of low prices ..

eliminating the middle person will also ensure low prices

the government can provide warehouses for the crops – airconditioned as the case may be and the buyers and sellers can pay a small premium for storing their crops ..

once the prices are low , the inflation will be low and the interest rates will also be low

it will ultimately help the economy by keeping money circulating

the transportation cost of the food should be low .. if the food is consumed very close to where it is produced , it will be fresh for longer and hence more nutritious ..

so , it makes sense to create warehouses near the highways .. where the trucks and trains can transport the goods faster

if you have a high speed train infrastructure .. it will spawn a whole new economy for fresh foods .. trains with air conditioning

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