what constitutes good design ?

if you look at some websites of indian banks , eg : icicibank ( http://www.icicibank.com ) , axis bank ( http://www.axisbank.com ) and then kotak bank ( http://www.kotak.com) , you will notice the following

  • icicibank has the worst website design ever – just cluttered , cram everything into one page
  • next is axis bank – it is slightly better – but still annoying – a lot of popups all over the place
  • the best of the lot is kotak bank – well spaced , easy to read , minimalistic , well thought out about what to put where

so an element of good design is not to cram all features .. but how many to remove .. when you cannot remove anymore , you have the perfect design

if you look at timesofindia.com – they now have a horrible website – popups all over the place – to sell stuff to the readers – even the news is partly free now ..they want you to buy subscriptions to read the news ..

some more good , well designed websites


digital banks

and of course , apple – http://www.apple.com

if you look at the design of the car tesla , it has all the functionality on a center console – a 17 inch digital led screen – no knobs , no nothing , it is an elegant minimalistic design

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