how you are tricked into buying more than what you need at departmental stores

you have a neighbourhood grocery store – within walking distance or very close to your home

bur chances are you go to shop at a big departmental store

the reason … because they have you believe that you are getting a discount / better prices … but are you really ?

let’s see

you need a car to get there .. they will be at least 10 kms away from the central area – they need a bigger place with lots of parking – so they choose a cheaper location , far away from the central area … costing you fuel

they will have lots of deals – buy 1 – get 1 free , buy 3 – get 1 free .. the mind gets tricked into buying more , it cannot resist a FREE item ..

plus the impulsive purchases – the long queues at the check out counter cause you to look at the extras at the payment counter – candy , gum , tic-tac , magazines , those add up too

Other ways the departmental stores trick you

  • the items at the eye level are usually costlier than the ones at a lower level or a higher level – make the effort to go up or down and you will save money
  • buy the generic brand items / non branded items and you will save a lot of money – for branded items , you are paying for slick advertising
  • when picking up the items , the ones in the front have the most recent expiry date .. move to the back of the rack to find items with a later expiry date
  • when shopping from a departmental store , you try to save costs – fuel and time – so you buy in bulk and sometimes these include perishable goods as well – which , when not consumed immediately , will get spoiled .. resulting in waste

so , here is our advice – buy from your local neighbourhood store – you will be supporting a small business that needs you and they will not play any mind tricks to part you with your money

the departmental stores have plenty of money ..the mom and pop stores in the neighbourhood don’t.

plus , the local stores have smaller queues , hardly any checkout time and are closer to you .. in these days of corona-virus , it is better to have social distancing and smaller crowds

an example of the departmental store would be D-mart , avenue supermarts , NSE symbol : DMART – in the last 5 years , it has given a return of 400 percent – of 4 times !!

the malls are a different story altogether – nice temperatures ( cool or warm – depending on the outside weather ) , good music , elegant lighting , well designed , uncluttered stores , all designed to separate you from your money as soon as possible .. avoid them .. go visit a nearby park , you will save plenty of money

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