signs of a recession

  • outdoor advertising / billboards don’t display ads anymore .. they display the name of the owner of that billboard or a social message ( eg don’t drink and drive , wear a helmet when riding a two wheeler or wear a mask when going out )
  • jobs are non existent or are being cut / are disappearing at a rapid pace ..
  • apartment rentals are falling , there are plenty of apartments and the cost of renting them is coming down
  • home prices / apartment / condominium prices are falling
  • interest rates are falling – central banks reduce rates to stimulate the economy …
  • governments are in the distract mode .. they will bring up some celebrity issues or side step the main problems .. all the media ( print , internet , tv ) is running these stories after taking money from the government ..
  • eg during the 2004 george bush administration , a major distraction was caused by the janet jackson and justin timberlake incident at the super-bowl , rumor was this was done to distract people from the economy tanking and turn attention away from it 🙂
  • rumor was that the singer britney spears was on the payroll of the bush administration – to create “suitable” distractions at various times 🙂
  • in extreme cases , war mongering as a major form of distraction or to create jingoism / patriotic feelings are also done
  • let’s call them what they really are , weapons of mass distractions ….

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