the progress of gold and car prices

in the year 1985 , 1 kg of gold could buy you a newly launched maruti suzuki 800 car

fast forward to 2020 , 1 kg of gold could buy you a brand new bmw automatic 3i car

fast forward to 2030 , maybe 1 kg of gold could buy you a brand new gulfstream private jet …

keep buying gold for your wife ….or as an investment

they say gold moves up with inflation – can you imagine what the real inflation will be in 10 years – if you can buy a private jet in 10 years with the same amount of gold that you use for buying a bmw car in the year 2020 ?

a lot of countries are reducing the amount of gold that you can hold … for instance , germany in 2019 reduced the gold quantity you can buy anonymously ( that is , without declaring your personal details ) … guess what .. before the deadline , there were huge queues to buy gold bars … what to bankers know that they don’t want us to know – that a huge inflation is coming and paper money would be worthless as compared to the real money – gold ?

a gulfstream jet in 2020 costs around 65 million us dollars and a bmw 3i costs around 45,000 us dollars

if this were to come true , the inflation 10 years later would be 1445 times !! that’s an eye popping number .. to calculate it per year , that is an inflation average of 144.5 per year

with unlimited money printing till infinity from usa , europe and other major countries .. it might just be possible

not sure if the central banks will admit it .. they always like to play smoke and mirrors with the inflation numbers – the cost of goods including food , energy and whatever else is shooting up is NEVER included in their inflation numbers whenever you buy groceries , you can feel it … the same amount of money will buy you lesser items

what was the cost of a pizza 10 years ago and what is it today … it slowly creeps up .. 10 – 15 % percent per year

how much has the price of education jumped up in the usa – from the 1970’s to 2020 ? it is a lot more than the growth of salaries … you are paying much more for a fancier campus and the “college experience” – fancier dorm rooms

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