india’s gdp falls 23.9 % year over year .. Australia enters a technical recession

compared to june quarter last year ( 2019 ) , the gdp fell almost 24 percent ..

this is due to the shutdown to prevent corona-virus from spreading

now the nation is slowly being opened for business , but the corona virus cases are going up drastically ..

is another lockdown needed ? if so , what will the effect be on the next quarter ?

united kingdom already went into another lockdown after a surge of cases ..

sep 2 2020

australia officially entered a technical recession , the most recent quarter gdp fell over 9 % .. a technical recession is defined as two successive quarters of negative growth

what is the trade now ?

since the virus started , a lot of companies have started the trend of work from home .. which has reduced the need for office space …

less office space , means less commercial property needed .. so you can make money shorting commercial real estate companies that are listed on the stock market..

qantas airlines to cut 2,500 jobs

qantas airlines , of australia , announced today that it would eliminate 2,500 jobs by outsourcing the ground operations ( ticketing , baggage handling , customer services etc )

in uae , adnoc sold real estate assets to raise money to apollo management

in difficult times , people and companies sell assets to get extra income

the abu dhabi national oil company (adnoc) announced that it had entered a partnership with apollo management for leasing real estate and raise 2.6 billion dollars from it

retail sales in germany fall 0.9 % in the month of july

in more bad news , one of the most powerful economies in europe , germany , saw it’s retail sales fall in the month of july .. the government is trying to increase sales by reducing the value added tax

the german economy contracted by a record 9.7% in the previous quarter

already you can see the various governments trying to get the attention away from the souring economy .. creating diversions and planting stories in the media so that people get distracted

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