how to become a millionaire

  • live like you are poor – drive an older car which is in a good condition ( certified used cars ) , live in an affordable home
  • regularly save and invest 50 % or more of your income into stocks – for the long term – you can use index funds if you are not familiar with the stock market
  • avoid buying a new car using borrowed money .. if you can live closer to work .. bike or walk to work .. it will keep you fit and give you a good work life balance .. also will save time and money on fuel , car insurance , car maintenance , depreciation ..
  • a car is a depreciating asset , the value of a car decreases over time ..
  • buy generic / local store brands rather than the branded products – you are just paying for advertising there
  • homes in the 1970’s in the usa were around 1200 sq feet in size , today , there are almost twice that size
  • banks are interested in lending you money for new cars , new homes , credit cards – they become your owners , while you go into a debt hole
  • the more you get sucked in by advertising , the poorer you will be
  • the best way not to sucked into advertising is to read more , watch less tv / social media / streaming services
  • if you can walk to work or take the public transport .. please do so ..
  • try to read a book on the public transport or listen to a podcast / audio book while walking
  • upgrade your skills constantly .. keep learning new things .. read books , attend seminars , learn selling skills
  • think big .. nobody got rich by thinking small
  • get away from your monthly salary paycheck .. get used to paid for results .. no results .. no payments .. offer a guarantee like that
  • have multiple streams of income – a job , a blog , royalties from books , music , rent from real estate
  • have a source of passive income – an income where you don’t have to spend your resources / time is called passive income
  • to have a passive income , do the hard work first , then marketing and then slowly build a passive income from it …
  • don’t fear the future , look forward to it – see what skills can be useful in the future..and learn them
  • have your money work hard for you .. invest in stocks , bonds , commodities , businesses , own a business outright or a percentage of it
  • the fast money can be made with trading in stocks , commodities , currencies , etc …
  • if you can learn to trade as a quant trader , it will be good for you .. you can work in a hedge fund
  • quant traders use a combination of math , high speed and algorithmic trading to make money
  • the best hedge fund managers – the managers of funds in bridgewater associates , citadel make more than 1 billion dollars per year – the manager of bridgewater associates is ray dalio , citadel’s is ken griffin
  • in the past , the team of jim rogers and george soros ( fund name was quantum fund ) did very well and george soros made 1 billion dollars betting against the uk pound and famously broke the bank of england
  • the best thing about learning trading .. it works at all times ( now and the future ) .. in all countries .. anywhere in the world .. all you need is a cell phone / computer with a decent internet connection
  • won’t lie to you – you will not be profitable from day one in trading – but losing some money is part of your learning curve
  • find ways to increase your income – start or buy a business

side gigs

  • you can rent out your car when not being used on sites like ,
  • you can use your spare time to sell your skills on sites like , , take up spare work to work after your day job or on weekends..
  • if you prefer to become a cab driver on the weekends – you can do it on sites like uber / ola / lyft .. most of them don’t require a commercial license now – your normal car license will do
  • if you like pets and can work with cats and dogs , you can find people willing to hire you on sites like
  • if you have a spare bedroom with bathroom in your house , you can rent it out .. to reduce your housing expenses

you can invest the money from side gigs and put it in the stock market for the long term ( assuming you are in your 20’s and have plenty of time to let your money grow )

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