usa and other countries : foreign students will not contribute to the economy so much after covid 19

every year , an estimated 1 million students come to usa for studying and contribute an estimated 41 billion us dollars every year to the economy… ( food , travel , tuition fees , dorm room fees )

now that a lot of colleges are going online with their classes , which can be taken from anywhere with a decent internet connection , the tuition fees should drop , people will not spend money on student visa , travel , food and dorm rooms

this should be true for other countries as well – united kingdom , australia , canada , europe

another knife in the world’s economy heart …

some years back india found out that a lot of money was leaving the country because of people going to foreign universities for higher studies…

it allowed foreign universities to set up shop in india – so money does not leave the country – the success was limited .. but harvard university said that it was not interested in franchising .. they were not mcdonald’s 🙂

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