tidying up and getting organized tips

  • whenever you find loose change around the house – put it in your wallet- take it to the bank and deposit it in your savings account where it can earn some interest
  • the books which you have already bought but not read – read them first before buying new books
  • magazines , seminars’ documents which you are planning to read but have NOT yet read .. throw them away .. if you have not yet found the time , you probably never will ..
  • credit card , bank statements , utilities bills – if you still have not opted for e -statements ( sent to your email – inbox ) , please do so and save paper and the trees as well
  • make all payments automatic – eg utilities , cell phones , credit cards , property taxes , property maintenance charges – link it directly to your bank account – as soon as the payment(s) are due , the amount is automatically debited from the bank account
  • manuals for electronic items … how many times do you really refer them ? throw them away when you realize you don’t need them
  • warranties for items in the house – buy a plastic file folder with tabs and put the warranties in there

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