where will all the “helicopter” money come from ?

helicopter money is a term used for free money distributed to citizens in the form of rebates , tax cuts , allowances , unemployment insurance , etc

in the usa , from march 2020 to aug 2020 , there was a 2 trillion dollar stimulus distributed .

2 trillion dollars added to the balance sheet and it disappeared just in 5 months ..

there is already a talk of another 2 or 3 trillion dollars ( the discussions are still going on between the two parties – democrats and republicans ) as to what the total figure will be

both sides are playing a blame game …

but the point is — if so much money disappears in just 5 months , how much will you need over 2 – 3 years ?

are you going to de-value your currency against the others ?

since this problem ( covid 19 / corona virus ) is global , all countries would need to do it …

the question is … where will all this money come from ?

the sovereign fund of nations only have so much reserves – and how will they find more revenue if their main sources are not working anymore ?

the casino called stock market – it needs money on the other side to make money – who will provide that ?

there is a limit on the “sin” tax – tobacco , alcohol , casinos – apparently russia makes good money

when there is a recession or one approaching , people are known to “release” more using smoking or drinking ..

some governments have started resorting to distractions – fake media wars to divert attention away from the unemployment problems , deaths due to the virus .. people do have a short term memory – how long will this really work ?

at the end of the day , somebody is going to be held accountable and the countries where the elections are held , they will get to hear the verdict from the people ( a change of governments is highly likely ) .. in countries where there are no elections , there could be chances of a coup …

somebody will need to assemble really brainy people to brainstorm for ideas … taxing the rich and the big companies can only go so far …

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