aug 13 2020

gold and silver prices recovered somewhat from the recent drastic fall

australia’s jobless rate came in the highest in 22 years

on aug 11 2020 , united kingdom entered a technical recession

if large countries and diverse economies like australia and united kingdom are facing serious economic headwinds , what about the smaller ones – they must be devastated by now …

a lot of countries are dependent on a few areas like tourism , oil , hospitality etc – they are facing a really bad time

they need to find a way to support their citizens as well as the economy and somehow survive the dwindling taxes … it’s not going to be easy ..

vaccine hopes are just around the corner – so let’s see how much time before an effective one hits the market

a lot of questions persist …

  • most pharma companies agree that a vaccine takes 5 – 6 years to perfect – will it be possible sooner ?
  • even after the vaccine is released , how much time before the world gets back to normal again ?
  • how much time before all people get immunized and start getting back on their feet with jobs ?

the stock markets around the world over are hitting new highs almost everyday – the question is , aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves ?

is a big correction in the world stock market just around the corner ?

time will tell …

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