how to manage your time better

as per management guru , the late peter drucker , what gets measured , gets managed

the key to time management is : to measure where and how you spend your time

  • record those minutes and hours and then review them
  • you will start noticing little things like when you went to your cell phone to check email – you wasted 2 hours checking the social media feeds – whatsapp , twitter , facebook , pinterest , endless news feeds , etc.
  • keep the cell phone away from your sleep area – it will help you sleep better – by avoiding the blue light and resisting the urge to respond to messages / calls while you are sleeping
  • turn notifications off on your cell phone – so you don’t get disturbed by each buzz / each time you get a message
  • setup two hours of non -distracted time and dedicate it to work – don’t take any calls / read messages during this time
  • when on a break , then check your messages for 10 – 15 minutes
  • then dedicate another two hours to work – again non-distracted time
  • you can also learn something new while commuting to work and back – pick up a book and read a chapter each day
  • 2 books a month , 24 books a year and in five years , you can be an expert on some new topic that you want to learn

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