what do you value more – time or money ?

here is a hypothetical scenario

you are looking for a laptop computer with certain features .

you search on the internet , you visit various stores , the specifications which you are looking for is available in a lot of stores , but the difference in the price is not much , may 50 dollars or 3000 indian rupees . but the search time , that is the time from where you began your search to the time you bought the laptop is now more than 20 days.

so , saving 50 dollars or 3000 indian rupees over 20 days , was it worth it ?

the answer to this defines what you value most – your time or your money …

remember , time is fixed .. you can always make more money , but you cannot create time . we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

what you make of your time , how you use it , defines your future . watching netflix and sports channels all day will not make you any smarter , it will not improve your income

but learning about new things will , new technologies , reading books to improve knowledge , so that it can be used in your day job , improve your salary .. and investing it .. will definitely improve your lifestyle

c level executives are really busy .. they work anywhere from 10 to 16 hours per day . any thing that can improve their efficiency is good for them

that is why you rarely see them drive their own car ( unless for pleasure ) – they are in the back seat , working on their laptop or replying to emails on their cell while on the move at airports .

that is why jet charter companies like netjets are so successful – they take the pain out of air travel ..

these days , you have to be at the airport two hours prior to departure , for security , and there is a lot of waiting involved at the airport . Sometimes the flights get cancelled due to a technical snag and sometimes you lose your luggage .

for private charter planes, there is no security required – the pre-screening is already done , you board the flight as soon as you arrive and there is a fixed take off time and landing time. your luggage travels with you and there are only a limited number of passengers ( max 20 – it depends on the private jet maker – gulf stream , bombardier have upto 19 seats , the others like dassault’s falcon are smaller ) . the range , speed , distance also varies from one company to the next ..

you can finish your day’s work and be home by the evening .. spending quality time with your family .. this is saving time ..

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