streaming services adopting the marketing tactics of apple

A lot of streaming services have realized that the content on their site is too much to consume in one year

So , a lot of them are selling the scaled down or watered down version of their product for a lesser price in the hope that more people sign up.

As soon as that happens , it has two benefits ..

you can bargain for a better revenue share from the newer original content and new movies

of course , once the customers get hooked to a smaller version , you can entice them to upgrade to a full version

this is exactly how the apple marketing machine works …

it is being copied by german cars as well – like bmw , audi , mercedes

they release a less expensive model of the car – but with the same brand name .. slowly building a loyalty with the customer

the “a class models” for mercedes , audi and bmw are an in-expensive model of their premium products

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