how to be happy

there is a very simple mantra – say thank you – be grateful for what you have

be happy with the job / business you have , the money it brings in , the house that you live in ,the car that you drive , the food that you eat.

there was hundreds of ways to be unhappy – always comparing what you have with your neighbour / friends is one of them . thinking about the past mistakes is another of them.

anytime you get money , bless it – say thank you for coming into my life.

anytime you spend money , say thank you to it for serving you and for the goods you are about to receive in exchange for that money

some people are never happy with what they have – they are driven by the consumerist society – they always want the latest phone , car , bigger house – when they get that , they want something else.

limit your screen time- television , social media – they are there to sell you something – read books instead – books will help you improve your knowledge , make you wiser and smarter

as they say – the best things in life as free –

  • the beautiful sunrise ( you just have to get up early)
  • the sunset
  • the ocean breeze
  • the view from a mountain
  • a lot of parks are free or almost free

you don’t need to spend boatloads of money to have fun ..

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