the new “rules” of money for the next 2 to 3 years

since the covid 19 shutdowns , governments have been printing money like there is no tomorrow.

Unemployment insurance – money is being handed down to unemployed people to tide over the difficult times. the usa just printed 3 trillion dollars of new debt and europe is not far behind.

what this kind of fiat currency devaluation does is cause precious metals like gold , silver and platinum to shoot up [ they are the real currency , after all ] .

the playbook for the next 3 years is

  • buy precious metals [ gold , silver, platinum ]
  • wait for real estate for 3 years – it will be available at a much lesser price than today [jul 4 2020 ]
  • the interest rates 3 years from now will also be much less than today [jul 4 2020]
  • this is a maybe – crypto-currency like bitcoin will also shoot up

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