is netflix planning a foray into online education ?

as per an article on cnbc , a business site , the ceo of netflix is building a luxury retreat in colorado , usa for public school teachers . a former math teacher himself , reed hastings has donated to schools in the past .

the link is : here

it makes sense – netflix has a large audience in a lot of countries , while the other incumbents (apple , disney plus , amazon etc ) are still playing catch up in movies and original content and to keep the lead going , netflix might just get into education.

the usa program could be just a pilot program – a beta testing , if you will…

with the extended period of lock down due to corona virus , a lot of business opportunities have opened up for online education.

watch this space – this may just come true

the kicker – access to high speed internet – all people should have it – it is still a dream for some – but progress is being made rapidly – internet could be beamed from space where it is not available on the land ( one such example is starlink – elon musk’s company )

education is the greatest equalizer – it not only improves the life of your immediate family but the generations that come later

let’s hope this starts a revolution – affordable education for all …

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