why is goldman sachs negative on the apple stock ?

hmm… let’s see

apple is coming up with affordable variants and it is trying to capture markets which were dominated by rivals like samsung , one-plus and xiaomi.

for a long time, apple had a single sim phone – samsung had a dual sim model for a long time prior to that

apple products are known to be premium ( read : more expensive ) .. so fewer people could afford them , now apple is producing the cheaper entry model phones – market captured by redmi , xiaomi , one plus and other comparable phones

apple is trying to diversify – it bought the headphone and speaker company – beats

sometime , around 2 years ago , the sales of the Iphone started falling and apple decided to stop releasing it’s iphone sales numbers …

another factor is the saturation in the smart phone market – almost all adults own one

the next factor – the delay in upgrading to newer models – most people are happy to switch after 5 – 6 years , instead of a new model every 1 -2 years

so , now apple now has add-ons such as apple cloud , apple tv plus ( a streaming content ) to offset the falling iphone sales .

sir johnny ive , the chief designer of apple for almost 30 years , quit around mid 2019 to branch out on his own …

so , the question is , will the apple juggernaut keep rolling or will fall by the way side ?

the apple stock , on a tear for a long time , as of June 2 , 2020 has returned around 30 % average per year for the last 5 years ( May 2015 – June 2 2020) .

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