living in the usa and want to retire at 37 with 1 million dollars ? read on …

let’s say you start with a salary of 3500 us dollars per month take home ( after taxes ) and decide to have a million dollars by the age of 36..

this is what you need to do .

live on 1500 dollars per month and invest the rest ( 2000 dollars ) per month into an index fund with low cost ( eg Vanguard total stock market index fund ) – it mimics the stock market index and has less expenses.

assuming an interest rate of 11 % per year , compounded yearly , a deposit of 2000 us dollars per month for 16 years , your returns will be 995,707 us dollars – almost 1 million dollars.

You can feed in the numbers at the following calculator : Compound Interest Calculator

you can use this calculator for any currency .. anywhere in the world ..just enter the appropriate numbers ..

Disclaimer : Investing has a risk associated with it – you could lose your capital / invested money . Please talk to your financial advisor before investing

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