will gold gain due to so much money being printed ?

across the world, due to corona virus , all countries are printing money and putting it into the system . this is causing the debt to go up.

for example , the usa debt clock can be viewed here

you can see how fast the numbers are moving. you can also see the world debt in a separate link

with the amount of money being printed , it is natural that the real money – gold should be going up in value soon .

if you are in India , there are plenty of gold etfs like axisgold , relgold , goldbees that you can buy and hold for the long term. etf stands for exchange traded fund

india also has the options of investing in gold bonds – you get the appreciation of gold plus 2.5 % in interest ( please contact your financial advisor for details )

if you are in the usa , you could buy spdr gold etf ( gld ) – it is the biggest gold etf holding.

the price of gold per 10 grams in India in may 2010 was inr 18,000 , in may 2020 it is inr 46,500 per 10 gram . so the value has jumped almost 2.6 times.

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