how to ask for a salary hike / raise ?

first thing .. it is best if you have another offer , which offers you a decent hike over your current company’s salary .. that way , you are secured.

next .. list your current achievements , your hard work , the appreciations that you have received from various people , your current roles and responsibilities.

Be willing to take on more responsibilities , point out the areas where the company can grow and be willing to take the lead in it.

Put all these in a folder and be ready to talk to your immediate supervisor.

The best day and time to talk ? Experts say , it’s friday afternoon . the boss is relaxed and will be in a good mood , the work for the week is done and is looking forward to the weekend.

Most companies will take some time to find someone and train them for your position.

It is cheaper to retain employees than hire someone from the outside.

Tell the boss that you have a good equation with the team and would like to stay but would like the salary hike to match what you are getting in the next job.

If the boss does not relent or give you a salary hike , you always have the new offer . Take that .

Don’t ever speak bad about your previous employers . Always say that the people were nice and cordial and you learnt a lot from the prior companies , which is true .. they have paid you too all this time 🙂

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