advertising and marketing your business in the social media age

In the olden days, the all powerful medium was:

• television
• radio
• newspapers
• billboards

and advertising was expensive too

• first you had to go to a decent ad agency, which would design your ad
• then pay the medium (newspaper, radio, tv , billboards ) a huge amount to run your ads
hope and pray that the ads would be read / heard / seen by people to have a good product recall.
• and pay for research company for getting the product recall results (e.g. Nielsen Media,
now a google company)

These days, you can reach people on one of the social media platforms like

• facebook
• google Ad words
• twitter
• you Tube
• tikTok
• instagram
• pinterest

at a very low cost – maybe 10 cents (1 US dollar is 100 cents) and that too , only when someone clicks on your ad.

facebook has 2.2 billion active users (as of May 2020) and in various demographics, age groups and countries

you can target based on
• age group
• country,
• demographics
• gender

and you get a very detailed report of how effective your advertising was.

but you need to be patient – you will not get an instant reward – it takes time and money to develop this.

you will definitely need a good website with a good hosting plan. link this website or one of it’s pages to the ad.

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