why you need a smaller home than antilla ( mukesh ambani’s home ) – a funny ad by a builder in south india

this was an ad by a builder in south india.

once mukesh ambani lost the car keys to his maybach car . his wife nita ambani recalled that she washed his trousers and hung them out to dry on the balcony. it was a particularly windy day and the trouser flew away in the wind.

for the next three days or so , mr ambani somehow survived without his maybach , driving to office in his bmw .

but on the fourth day , he got a call at 3 am in the morning and was not in bed for the next 1 hour.

the next morning , his wife asked him where he was for that 1 hour starting at 3 am.

he explained that the people from mercedes came to the helipad of his building and delivered a duplicate of the maybach car keys

the ad then goes on to say , you should live in a smaller house , so that you don’t get in trouble with your spouse 🙂

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