time management tips

  • manage time in chunks of two hours
  • finish a task which you started , don’t multi task – it is not useful
  • don’t look at another task until you have finished the current one
  • don’t get disturbed by emails or phone messages
  • turn notifications OFF on your phone – no buzzing sounds for social media / emails / whatsapp notifications
  • between two big tasks , to recharge , take a small 10 – 15 minute break
  • always a to – do list for the next day – make it the previous day.
  • put all the appointments on the calendar
  • work on the difficult / ugly tasks first – so that the rest of the day becomes easy
  • have a to do list for the year , quarter , month , week and then drill down to a day.
  • keep your desk clean , organize yourself better – you will take less time finding things when you need them
  • if a task takes just two minutes to do , do it now. you will feel good. There is a certain momentum that comes with getting things done.
  • starting tomorrow , monitor how you spend your time – e.g. endless social media , movies on streaming services , video games ,etc.
  • instead , make it a habit to read a chapter of a book everyday , finish a book every 15 days. In a year , you would have read 24 books . Use your commute time to work and back reading a book
  • Experts say , that to master a topic or a subject , you need to spend 10,000 hours in it – so in about 5 – 6 years , you would know that subject thoroughly.
  • Broaden your horizons by watching free videos on various topics on ted talks (http://www.ted.com) – you will meet people from all walks of life – entrepreneurs , architects , designers , startups and a lot more – they are short videos – or a duration of 15 – 20 minutes each. There are videos on a lot of topics , pick and choose the ones that interest you.

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