keep all your important documents in one place

  • have a place in your cupboard / almirah / wardrobe for an important file
  • list and contact numbers of your parents , siblings , important people to reach in an emergency
  • list all your appliances – bills , invoices , warranties
  • your insurance documents – health , life , car
  • your will
  • passwords to your bank accounts , documents , policies
  • your bank account details – account names , account numbers , branch
  • your investments – fixed deposits , investment accounts , retirement documents , etc
  • your banking representatives in the bank branches
  • important details about your medical history – blood type , injuries , accidents , allergies ( e.g. to milk , peanuts)
  • always have a health insurance policy
  • always have a life insurance policy – make it a term life insurance – you will lose the money paid as premium if you survive the period of the insurance – but that is not the money is for – it is in case you die in the period of the policy and your family members will get the amount of the sum insured.

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