assuming you have three credit cards with balances

list them in the order of the balances pending

  • lowest balance – credit card 1
  • the next balance – credit card 2
  • the highest balance – credit card 3

first , reduce the expenses and add the money saved to the minimum balance that you pay for the credit card 1 .. keep on reducing the balance until it goes to zero , meanwhile , keep paying the minimum amount on credit card 2 and credit card 3

once credit card 1 is paid off , you can add the money saved per month plus the payment for credit card 1 and reduce the balance for credit card 2 , keep on reducing the balance until credit card 2 balance becomes zero

then , use the same technique on credit card 3 .. money saved from expenses plus the payments being made on credit card 1 and credit card 2 to reduce the balance on credit card 3 .. keep on doing this until the balance is zero for credit card 3

this method is called the snowball method …

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