some characteristics of charming people

brown sand

Inspire confidence: they encourage people and try to make people feel good about themselves.

Storytellers: They tell great stories. It’s a skill you can learn too.

Empathetic: They can sense how other people are feeling without trying to micromanage body language or tone of voice.

Eye-contacts: They never avoid eye-contact and tend to look at people in the eye when talking to them.

Aware Listener: They listen like their life depends on what you are saying. They make people feel important.

Looks approachable: They look easy to talk to because they are.

Humble: They avoid bragging too much because they are grateful and have a good character.

Humor: They aren’t afraid to throw a couple of jokes in the conversation.

Optimists: They always look at the bright side of things

Give compliments: Again they make people feel good about themselves because they feel good about themselves.

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