money tips from the experts ..

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Start investing: The earlier the better. Just invest in an index fund. Let the companies do the work, and own a piece of the action.

Money buys you freedom: Every time you purchase something, you’re giving up a bit of your freedom.

The more you learn the more you earn.

Be generous: Don’t hold on to all your money like a dog with a bone. 

Money is a renewable resource: You can’t earn back time.

Trust your financial habits: Take care of your money, and trust the process. Results follow later. 

Save more as you earn more.

Having six months’ worth of expenses saved is enough: You also don’t need to over-save.

Don’t obsess about your retirement: Your top-earning years are probably in your forties and fifties, so if you’re not in your prime career years yet, don’t beat yourself up. 

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