is gold the next instrument to be shorted / suppressed after silver ?

gold bars

after suppressing the prices of silver ( jp morgan even got fined for this for spoofing ) , is gold on the list next ?

central banks have been buying gold like there is no tomorrow – but the paper prices don’t reflect it – it keeps going down

by paper prices , we mean future prices

looks like the mode will be the same – short paper prices , buy physical at a low price , and keep repeating

GLD – goldman sachs and jp morgan have applied for custodians of GOLD ETF – so now we know what they are upto

Inflation hedge – gold – hold in physical form to keep protection your fiat money ( the money that govt wants you to keep hoarding )

but the paper money has lost 95 % of it’s value since 1913 – the year the federal reserve bank was formed

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