some travel tips

woman looking at the map

Put your mobile in FLIGHT mode / Battery saver when you are about to travel for long hours. It saves a lots of battery

Always carry a POWERBANK if you are planning on a long trip, it comes handy as most of our life are reliant on smartphones ( if allowed on the plane )

Carry your own water bottle

If you are travelling in train, dont keep all your money at one place, split it up into different locations

During train travel, you could get a lots of ideas. Keep a small notepad and pen to jot it down to work on those later.

Books are a great companion when you are travelling alone

Ahead of long drive, check on : Engine condition, Wipers, Headlights and tyre pressure

Keep some change in your front pocket / dashboard. No need to take out wallet all the time

Snacks / chocolates in your car, it will help you out

Start EARLY , Drive SLOWLY , Reach SAFELY ! ! !

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