financial advice for people in their 20’s – as per experts

person counting cash money

set up an automatic investment plan and arrange to have money deducted from your paycheck every month as soon as the money hits the account

invest in the stock market through a brokerage account – set this up to be automatic as well

set aside money for emergency funds – start with 6 months worth of expenses and then slowly build it to 3 years

if possible , have three bank accounts – one for income , another for expenses and the third for investments

sign up for banks who have a tool which shows the flow of your money – a lot of banks including fintech banks have this feature

start early in the savings and investing cycle – the longer you invest and save , the more money you will have in the later stages of life – this is due to the power of compounding

there will ups and downs in the stock market , recession cycles , but you must keep investing every month and not exit the brokerage / investment account

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