some life and finance tips by experts

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Start saving and investing since the first day of job, so that you can cope up when responsibilities hit you hard.

“Assets are those products whose value increases with time and are resellable, rest everything is a liability”, never forget this.

Exercise and walk in public parks, don’t spend in gyms, unless you are too passionate.

Make a diary of fixed monthly expenditures and allocate money to each class, to have a planned spending every month.

Invest something out of the minimum salary you get in a pension plan. Old age can be quite harsh.

Go to public gardens, temples on picnics, go often and take home cooked tiffin, make life interesting without spending much.

Have a limited closely bound social circle to reduce expenditure and to avoid the tendency of showing off.

Prioritize expenditures, first is groceries, then child education, then bills, then leisure.

You desperately need growth, keep acquiring new skills without fail, work part time also if possible.

Delay your purchases but get products of decent quality to avoid high wear and tear and replacement costs.

Take good care of household utensils and gadgets to prolong their life.

Try and do maximum grocery shopping on one particular day every month to have economies and avoid travelling cost later on.

Create an emergency fund out of any bonus money you get.

Prefer wholesale markets over malls, you will find many products of fine quality (specially clothes, shoes, bags, plastic products) available at half the prices.

Try and do shopping on weekdays at morning to have maximum bargaining power.

Use apps like YouTube for entertainment, avoid boasting on apps like Facebook.

Have friendship with neighbours, you won’t need to travel to meet and chat with them, also you can pool certain resources and save some money.

On outdoor visits once in a while, carry as much water and food as you can, plan in advance and save money on tickets and stays, shopping while holidaying is overrated, avoid it.

Use low potency, light AC’s in a combination with a fan to save electricity, similarly use LED technology for lighting.

Live your family life with love and care so that money loses a little value.

Most important, have peace of mind, stay away from stress and negative people, focus on happiness and togetherness, a lot of money would be saved automatically.

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