some good investment advice

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What’s not in the news. Most people buy what’s hot. All over the news. At cocktail parties. Then are surprised when it flames out. By the time an investment is popular the music is getting ready to stop. Buy what’s not in the news. That gives you the opportunity to own the next hot tip. At a good price. Before everyone discovers it.

What you want to hold for the next 10 years. Most people hold investments around a year. They chase the next fad right at the top. A perfect prescription for under-performing. Instead look for what’s valuable and hang onto it for the long haul. If selected well, over time, you’ll be rewarded.

What you buy in the next recession. Most people buy growth investments at the peak of the bull market. Then when it collapses into a recession they sell at the bottom. They buy high and sell low. So turn that around and buy exactly when everything is on sale. I mean, everyone loves a sale right? You will.

What will grow. Most people buy some hot tip investment. Get burned. Then to be wise, put what’s left into investments with guaranteed interest. Only after taxes and inflation they go backwards every year. To get long term growth you have to suck up short term volatility. No way around it. But it’s worth it.

What isn’t guaranteed. Most people jump into investments that they hear, “It’s the future. Sky’s the limit. You can’t lose money.” So they jump in only to find out you can lose money. Instead look for investments you can lose money in. Yet, probably will be part of the future. Then wait for the future to happen. And be surprised.

So how do you select those investments?

Learn to determine the difference between price and value.

View investing as a long jump not a high jump.

Build wealth as a marathon not a sprint

Educate yourself rather than thinking the media will.

Become the least exciting and wealthiest of your friends.

Stop waiting for lucky breaks and learn to seize the ones that pop up.

Stop waiting for the perfect investment and make it now.

And as Warren Buffett says, “Be bold when everyone is fearful, and fearful when everyone is bold.”

Oh, and be prepared to buy drinks at cocktail parties. You’ll be the most boring. But you’ll probably be the wealthiest.

The best investments are those few want now but wish they had later.

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