what is the environmental impact of online shopping ? who do you think needs your money more – a multi-billion dollar company ( amazon) or the small local neighborhood shops ?

amazon prime delivery truck on street

just add up the amount of diesel / petrol the stuff carrying your purchases burn to get the stuff to you

some companies are switching to electric – but this is not yet universal

so , your online purchases and online returns ( if any ) are polluting the earth and suffocating the people as well

amazon keeps 50 % of the profits of these small merchants – please use your money wisely

please support your local shops – in your neighborhood – they need your money more than these big billion dollar companies like amazon etc. – they are at a walkable distance – no pollution

you will also enjoy the benefits of walking ( now that there is no pandemic )

jeff bezos ( worth north of 120 us billion dollars) , the ceo of amazon , still has not committed to the giving pledge , initiated by bill gates and warren buffet

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