what will central bankers do next – raise rates to prevent inflation or cut rates to prevent a recession ?

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some economists argue that we are already in a recession – defined as two successive quarters of negative growth

the us government is sleeping at the wheels – the only solution that they ( central bankers ) have is printing money and circulating in the economy – the result – inflation

now if they say that there is a recession and we need to cut rates , the government looks bad , so they just deny it

are the figures that come out of the government even real ? adp jobs figures say X jobs created , govt numbers say Y jobs created – how can they be so different – who is fudging ?

economists agree – this is a good time to buy gold – central bankers are buying it – china supposedly bought 30 billion dollars worth just in the last quarter of 2022 .. do they know something we don’t ?

heard that in germany , there is a limit on how much physical gold that a person can buy and hold – why this restriction – they want to sell you inflation … and don’t want you having real money ( gold )

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