how do stock market operators / market makers work / operate ?

black blue and red graph illustration

there is something known as market sentiment – they just put the news in the market

if there is a lot of negative news in the market , you can be sure they want you to sell your stocks and they will buy it for cheap – then they will take the stock prices up

if everything is very positive , you can be sure they want you to buy and then they will sell and book profits – the market will then be taken down

all trading teachers insist that you put stop losses – but did you know that the markets operators can see all your stop losses and buy and sell points so they will take the price down and trigger your profit protect points and as more sell orders are triggered , the price keeps going down..( you can safely say that they have shorted – they make profits when the price goes down )

all trading teachers tell you that you should buy and sell frequently and book profits – did you know that each time you buy / sell – you have to pay a brokerage and taxes to the government ?

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