tips for a getting ahead in life


the secret to getting ahead is getting started – mark twain

write a list of the things to do the next day the night before

send 2 hours every sunday prepping your meals

put together a minimalist wardrobe to make dressing yourself simple

direct your work towards something you are passionate about

automate your bills and investments

delete instagram and tik tok

don’t overcomplicate your morning routine , just sit down and work

sell your tv

schedule phone calls with loved ones

don’t waste time processing payments , sign up for subscriptions whenever possible

make saying “no” your default

focus on what you want , not what you fear

use focus mode on your computer to block distractions and enter deep work

go to bed early , wake up early

get at least 15 mins of sun per day

keep your phone in another room while working

use productivity techniques like pomodoro techniques or 80/20 rule

concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand , the sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus – alexander graham bell


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