is the us dollar finished as a world’s reserved currency ?


there was a time when the united kingdom ruled the world – in 1800 to 1900 …

then came the united states … from 1930 onwards – the us dollar became the reserve currency of the world

then came the nixon moment – when they removed the gold backing from the us dollar – it was backed by basically nothing now – any one ( central banks could print unlimited dollars out of thin air – the result – inflation

so the us dollar was bascially exporting inflation and telling the world – buy our currency

anyone who had other plans – gaddafi ( libya – wanted a gold reserve currency ) , saddam hussein ( wanted a euro reserve currency) , and now putin are being sidelined or eliminated

but the world is changing – brics ( brazil , russia , india , china , south africa) nations along with saudi , iran are bringing now an alternate settlement currency and the days of the us dollar are very limited

the current debt per us citizen is almost 100,000 dollars – that is like having a credit card debt of 100,000 dollars per person and it keeps on going up thanks to democrats bills like inflation protection and stimulus bills

so god help the united states of america ( because very few others now can )

the world’s largest holders of the us dollars debt are japan , china , russia and they are all dumping dollars for gold – the word is diversification from us dollar

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