what will the federal reserve do in the upcoming meetings – in Jan , Mar 2023 ?

bitcoins and u s dollar bills

the way the us dollar is charting and falling since hitting the peak in sep 2022 , looks like the federal reserve is done with the aggressive rate hikes

it went for rate hikes of 0.75 three times and then one of 0.5 in december 2022 .. looks like the ones coming up next at 0.25 each

if that is the case , the dollar will be getting weaker …

also there is the case that a lot of companies get their earnings overseas ( outside the us ) .. if the dollar is strong , it amounts to lower dollar revenues , hence a lower stock price for those stocks … if you were to weaken the dollar , the dollar revenues go up and so do the stock prices and hence the stock market

so looks like the federal reserve knows how to play the stock market over the long term

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