how to save a ton of money by leasing and NOT buying your car

white mercedes benz cars

let’s say the cost of the car you want to buy is 45 lakhs , plus 5 lakhs for financing over the period of 5 years

at the end of 5 years, the car value would be half of that

so , you have spent 50 lakhs for a return of – 50 % over five years

how awful is that!

instead , think of it this way

a 50 lakh amount , invested at 10 % per year – gives you 5 lakhs per year , that is 42,000 inr per month

let’s say, the lease of the car is 15,000 per month

so , you are making 27,000 per month by NOT buying your car

plus , leasing has the additional benefits of not having to spend on repairs , insurance , servicing – which is taken care of by the leasing company , saving you that money as well

plus , if you are a corporate / company , then you can buy it from your company’s account and use it as a depreciating asset and can write off the depreciation in the company accounting books

this can be an additional tax saving perk for the employees , saving taxes as well

whenever you get tired of this car , you can move on to a new one !!

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