what type of car should you buy ?

when it comes to buying a car – you better think long term

how long will you need the car – are you single or have a family ?

planning to increase the size of your family ? then a sports car will not do

a used or a new car – a 2- 3 years old used car 2- 3 years ago was good – but now the prices of those have shot up as well

you need to add fuel costs, insurance , monthly payments for the car if you are going for a loan

electric vehicles are good – they save fuel – just make sure that the range is good – and charging stations are available on the way

also please read professional reviews about the car

near the end of the month is a good time to buy a car because the dealers need to meet their quotas and are willing to negotiate

prices will be high for a while …

if you have a decent vehicle now or

live in an area with good public transportation ,

it is best to wait for sometime before buying a new vehicle

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