here are some steps you can take for financial independence early retirement ( FIRE )

cut down your expenses down the bare minimum .. cut tv / cable , switch to cheaper subscription services like netflix , amazon , hulu

switch from a post paid subscription plan to a pre-paid cell phone plan

do you really need two cars and that big house – it takes up money you know – think about where you can cut down – this will free you

do you really need fancy meals at a restaurant every week ?

can you cut down on your daily expensive latte ? you can always add it later if you can’t do without it

take money and pay down your credit card bills

build an emergency savings fund – this should be at least six months of your fixed expenses -ideal would be three years

keep saving and investing that money in a stock market index fund

once you are upto a good amount , you can see the amount go up very fast ..

put your savings and investments on automatic mode – as soon as your pay arrives , redirect a portion of it to savings and investments

if you can save 50 % or more of your income every month , you will be well on your way

try to get a salary hike , get a side gig to earn more money and invest this money

stay off social media – all they are doing is taking your information and selling you things you don’t need, making you unhappy by saying that you don’t have enough , you need more to feel happy and satisfied – whereas the opposite is true – almost all good things are free – the wind , water , nature , sunlight

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