energy saving tips ..

empty highway overlooking mountain under dark skies

with prices of electricity and fuel rising steeply , here are some tips on saving energy costs

fill up fuel when it’s cold – you will get more for your money’s worth – early morning or evening when the temperatures are lower ( it is cooler ) , in the afternoon when the temperatures are higher – you get more vapors and less fuel

use an air conditioner and a fan to cool the room faster – the cooler air circulates faster in the room to make the room cool faster

drive your car / bike at a constant speed of 60 -70 km per hour when possible – on the highway

avoid sudden acceleration and braking – it uses up fuel and also increases vehicle maintenance

in the city ,when in traffic , you have no choice of the speed , keep some distance for sudden braking from the vehicle in front of you – follow defensive driving

avoid a route which has traffic lights

switch off your vehicle when waiting at a traffic light or in a traffic jam – will save fuel , the brake pads as well as reduce air pollution

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