abundance bank banking banknotes

keep track of the expenses .. where does your money go .. eg rent . credit card , car payments , insurance , groceries , eating out , starbucks coffee , .. use your cell phone’s notepad or an excel file to keep track of the expenses

average it out for 2 months … then multiply this number by 6 .. this is your magic number – the emergency fund

cut your expenses where you can to add to this emergency fund – ideally should be at least 6 months of fixed expenses

for the long term , start investing your money in the fastest instrument – the stock market – you can choose index funds that mimic the stock market index in your country .. if you need help , seek out a financial advisor

for financial freedom and retiring early , you should be investing at least 50 % of your income in the stock market .. this will help you retire early

learn to live on as less as possible – a smaller house , one car instead of two , a smaller car instead of a luxury car .. and so on

another step some people take is :

have an envelope with various names on it .. eg eating out .. coffee .. movies , entertainment and they put a fixed amount in each of them .. this is their budget for that item for that month

as soon as the money gets depleted from coffee envelope , they stop having coffee that month

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