cell phone .. a necessity or an evil ?

apple applications apps cell phone

these days you can use the cell phone for just making calls or sending messages to book tickets , entertainment , social media to ..well you get it .. it’s now all pervasive part of your life…

but how much of a time does it really waste and how much does it save ?

you can post a photo on facebook and wait endless hours for likes

when you start reading a physical book or a newspaper , you can stop when the book or newspaper ends .. but the twitter newsfeed never ends .. you can read it till morning ..

the articles that are read the most are the negative ones .. so the first thing that you read in the morning is a negative thing and guess what happens to the rest of the day .. you got it .. negative

so do this instead .. get up .. breathe in and breathe out with your eyes closed for 15 minutes , drink a warm glass of water with lime juice .. read a chapter of some good book .. will improve your knowledge .. go for a walk for 30 mins.. will improve your health ..and then come back to the newspaper / social media

social media has found a way to make you addicted to it .. their advertising dollars depend on it …

it is upto you to find a way to make yourself better .. the recent facebook racism issue proves it … it just wants traffic — your attention .. it does not care about anything else … time to quit facebook ?

the more groups you are on chatgroups like whatsapp ,..the more time you waste — then you feel guilty about all those unread messages .. you get an information overload too ..

so , here is one free advice … limit your screen media to 15 – 30 mins per day .. let your friends know that you are cutting down .. they will understand .. encourage them to do so too .

nobody posts their reality on social media .. it’s all curated / fake anyway …

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