could we have an artificial sun and moon ?

the amount of power that is needed to light up homes , offices , factories , streets at night requires a lot of power

just imagine this scenario …

cars , trucks , buses travelling on specially designed roads , convert the kinetic energy into electric energy , which is stored in a large battery bank , feeding power into the electric grid system .. which ultimately creates an artificial sun or moon

in israel , a pilot experiment has already begun in a section of the road in the city of tel aviv

a company in united kingdom , pavegen ( already has a technology that converts the energy of people walking onto specially designed pavements into electric energy like led lamps .. it can be extended to storing it into batteries …

so the technology is already there .. it is just a matter of developing it to scale

who knows , one of either the sun or the moon could already be powered this way ?

in the year 1999 , a science fiction movie came out – the matrix , which talked about a dark world controlled by machines , the human beings as source of power for the entire world .. the actual date and time being at least 200 – 300 years ahead of what people are told … interesting … what if there is a real life morpheus and a real life neo / mr. thomas anderson , liberating people even as we speak ?

china has been working on an artificial sun ..since 2006 . . must have been ready by now .. wonder which country leaked the technology .. there is only one who might have it then … usa .. the technology does seem a little , how do we say it , ” out of this world ” , if you catch my drift 🙂 , must have cost china quite a fortune they could afford it and usa could use that money to reduce it’s debt .. remember this was around the financial crisis .. 2007 .. sub-prime mortgage and usa needed the stimulus

the crisis was created by the big banks .. looking to increase their profits .. selling home loans / mortgages to people who could barely afford one home – let alone 4 or 5 for which they were getting approved for .. not going to take names here .. just read the book .. the big short michael lewis

and these same banks are now saying go short on the us dollar due to another major stimulus coming …

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