usa stimulus talks – trump does a u – turn – says negotiations will continue …

one must say , trump has a clean mind .. he changes it so often 🙂

seven hours after tweeting that the negotiations for the stimulus are off , he tweets that they are on again , but in piecemeal format the stock market was happy and jumped up , but the us dollar was down ..

so how soon before the deal comes through … who knows ?

on oct 8 , there is a debate between the vice president mike pence and kamala harris – looks like trump did not want to give the opponents a talking point

we don’t know if the next presidential debate will be held or not ( oct 15 and oct 22 are the dates scheduled ) – with trump down with covid 19 and much of his campaign leads , the democrats don’t want to take a chance

the first debate between trump and biden was in favour of biden , as per a lot of polls

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