How will countries raise money for corona virus aid ?

Tax the wealthy companies – impose a digital tax

Tax the wealthy – introduce a wealthy tax .. but the wealthy say something in public – yes tax us , we want to help out with the emergency but when there are budgets introduced in the local government votes , they pay a large sum to vote against it .. typical example – ceo of citadel – ken griffin – he paid close to 20 million us dollars to vote against the wealth tax bill in his state , Illinois

the governor of new york voted against the wealth tax because he thought that it would make the wealthy people leave the state

so , whose brains will be racked ?

unlimited free money from governments to people will have to be borne by someone …

since people seek comfort in vices like smoking and drinking during the loss of jobs / difficult times , it would result in an increase of these … maybe taxing them could be one additional source of revenue …

in the usa , they were planning to raise taxes on the wealthy in some of the states .. here is the link to the article –

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