if you can unlock your phone using your face , it means that there are front camera lasers that can read your face and have facial recognition built into them

when you like what you are seeing , your pupils expand ..and you also pause for sometime to look at it .. the front camera of a phone can record this through an advanced laser and store it in a database in the list of things that you like , so the next time you are logged in , that particular thing will be shown to you – maybe from a shopping site .. this information is available for sale and is sold to the shopping website by your phone or the app that was spying on you ..

they say that your cell phone is ALSO spying on you .. where you go , what you eat , where you work , which route do you use on maps , everything is recorded and sold to advertisers …

some security researchers and hackers have claimed that your phone’s mic is permanently on and is listening all the time – some of them have proved it .. they talked about buying a mattress when near the phone and the next time they used the phone , they were shown ads for mattresses … couldn’t be a coincidence , right ?

recently there has been a lawsuit against instagram , claiming to spy on the users …

Here is the link to the article

There is a new documentary out of netflix – the social dilemma , it lists how the social media is designed to make you addicted to them , taking control over your mind and trying to influence your thoughts ,ideas , your shopping habits , etc

after watching this documentary , a lot of people have deleted their facebook , instagram , twitter and other social media accounts and taking back control of their lives

just imagine , if a camera can read your face and with the help of facial recognition , read camera feeds from various locations around the country , your camera is spying on you and also the places that you visit … are you handing over your life to some big brother who is keeping tabs on you ?

a good movie to see about the abuse of all this power is : enemy of the state – 1998 – starring will smith , gene hackman and jon voight

a scary thought – phones and smart watches can now measure your heartbeat through your wrist .. what’s next – mind reading ?

remember seeing a photo of marc zuckerberg , the ceo of facebook , in his office – having a laptop in front of him , with the laptop front camera taped up .. guess he knows it can be turned on anytime to spy on him ….

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